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Nature's AirSponge Odor Absorber

Nature's AirSponge Odor Absorber

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When placed in any home or office, closets, cars, boats, etc., Nature's Air Sponge The Original Pet Odor Absorber 0.5lb will virtually eliminate all odors and pollutants including skunk odors. It has been declared environmentally friendly and safe and a correct antidote to odors and particular contaminates of all types. Simply remove the sticker from the cover and place the Nature's Air Sponge anywhere you wish to effectively eliminate odors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates lingering odors
  • Non-toxic & biodegradable room freshener
  • Lasts 4-6 weeks
  • Works well for spaces up to 300 sq ft (with an 8 ft standard ceiling)

Made in USA

Item #773

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