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Time & Oak Signature Natural Whiskey Elements – 2 Pack

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Whiskey Elements produce smoother whiskey by enhancing the traditional barrel-aged flavor. Your Element draws existing flavor characteristics and rich caramel color from natural sugars within the oak.

Combined with our proprietary curing method and unique design, Time & Oak has managed to accelerate the maturation process, and reduce the impurities.

Whiskey Elements are made from 100% all-natural proprietary sourced oak and will enhance your whiskey in as little as 24 hours.

How to Use:

Simply combine all ingredients (except fresh stuff like citrus and dairy – save that for serving!), add an Element, and age 3-5 days…. tasting regularly, of course ;)

  • Step 1. Select Spirit
  • Step 2. Add Element (1 per fifth, 2 per half gallon)
  • Step 3. Taste Daily
  • Step 4. Remove Element (empty into pitcher until Element falls out, or decant)
  • Step 5. Enjoy!

Suggested Aged Spirits to enjoy on their own or in a cocktail

  • Any Whiskey… for Aged Hot Toddies.
  • Vodka… for Aged Moscow Mules.
  • Tequila… for Aged Margaritas.
  • Brandy… for Mulled Wine.
  • Rum… for Aged Hot Buttered Rum.

Elements can be used up to 3 times if you remove the Element after 24 hours. Simply wrap in foil and place in the freezer between uses. The Element will carry some flavor from the first spirit into the next.

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